A long hot summer

With the absence of any large scale tournament this summer; no World Cup or European Championships the sports writers need to fill their column inches and make sure their websites get the clicks and therefore the transfer nonsense is going to be even more intense than usual.

We as a page try not to post click bait stories unless there is a source there which seems credible, what we tend to do is round up all the nonsense in one post for you to enjoy along with a pinch of salt.

Paper Talk

The biggest transfer saga for us this summer is, sadly, all about a player leaving.  Between all of the stories there appears to be a common theme which is that towards the end of last season Kyle Walker had a falling out with manager Pochettino over the rotation and the fact Kieran Tripper appeared to be getting the nod for the bigger games.

Pochettino told the player to go on holiday and then they would meet when he comes back.  Kyle Walker however poured fuel on the fire by changing agents to one heavily linked with Manchester City and that means of course the very obvious link exists.

The key thing to remember in this though is despite the stadium we do NOT need to sell anyone.  Players will only leave if the manager allows then to leave.  Daniel Levy for example will not accept a bid without Poch’s approval, Pochettino made that very clear in his end of season press conference – joking with the media; “… if anyone wants to sign our players I invite them to call Daniel (Levy) and see how that conversation goes…”

Our restriction is on our operational day to day budget, such as wages and that again is leading to the speculation.  Kyle Walker can double his wages at Man City, any of our players could earn double or even triple elsewhere and the press know it – hence the constant links away and their ‘justified’ approach to the story by throwing in the lines about earning more.

What happens with Kyle will be determined once he is back and has a meeting with Pochettino, unless of course the Argentinian has decided he would like to sell him and in that case I expect to see him gone sooner rather than later.  What a lot of our players should realise is before Pochettino they were all rated average at best and there is no guarantee under a different coach, different training and new tactics if they will look as good again.

Kyle Walker aside we are being linked with many players but they one that seems to have fans most excited is the French winger Lemar of Monaco.  The fee would not be cheap but he is within our price range, the issue like always is wages.  Arsenal and other clubs also want the player and they can easily pay more – double or as I said above even triple right now.

Time will tell and by the time the window closes as a fan I can only hope the players Poch wants are all still with us and we have been able to recruit a little bit wiser than we have in the last couple of summers.




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