SN Blog 85 – Daniel Levy & Enic
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This is a topic that is done to death I know.  Every podcast, every Spurs blog site and every social media fandom has had this debate for years and that is our owners and their perceived lack of ambition constantly … Read More

SN Blog 84 – How to cope with this Tottenham
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Welcome back to the 90’s my fellow Tottenham fan’s survivors or our bleakest period… or welcome to it should you be experiencing these feelings for the first time.  Yes, sadly, we are back there.  Hopefully for the short term but … Read More

SN Blog 83 – The Transfer Window
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Let me start by saying I hope everyone reading this is keeping well during these upside down times and I am fully and painfully aware how football is not the be all and end all.  This blog is written with … Read More

SN Blog 82 – Some things are just bigger than football
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Thinking back to when the Premier League was postponed back in March, I wishfully hoped the season would be made null and void. Admittedly that hope was only really for two reasons. Firstly because we were having such an awful … Read More

SN Blog 81 – Another point of view
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This is our second blog post in two days, I know what you are thinking… “wow you are spoiling us…” and yes you would be right.  Yesterday the blog was written by my podcast partner in crime Matt aka Admin … Read More

SN Blog 80 – Shame on you Spurs
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The last Spurs match I watched, and indeed the last game Spurs played before the current global pandemic shut down football, was our last sixteen, second leg tie in The Champions League against RB Leipzig at The Red Bull arena … Read More

SN Blog 79 – A Dier incident
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On Wednesday night we were knocked out of the FA Cup by Norwich City.  It was a disappointing night full of frustration for the home crowd where the Spurs side once again limped through the game.  Yes there are a … Read More

What is going wrong and what is going right?
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Tottenham Hotspur continue to struggle, after losing against both RB Leipzig and Chelsea last week. It goes without saying that Tottenham have had a rocky season with very few highs and many lows. Since appointing Jose Mourinho as the new … Read More

SN Blog 78 – Is Jose being judged fairly?
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Being a part of Spurs News is quite an interesting experience.  The good, the bad and ugly of football fandom presents itself on social media almost every day.  This week I was threatened for saying I believed Serge Aurier was … Read More

SN Blog 77 – Eriksen packs his bags – how will he be remembered?
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If today’s stories are to be believed (top tier sources…) Christian Eriksen has packed his bags and cleared his locker. The Dane will shortly be signing as an Inter Milan player for a fee of around €20m (£17m). We have … Read More

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