SN Blog 107 – The World Class debate is back
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I was reading through various Tottenham related press stories this morning and I came across one talking about Harry Kane.  I have to be honest at this point, Mr Kane is not my favourite person however that is a personal … Read More

Son-sational team effort from Tottenham Hotspur in opening game of the season
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Tottenham Hotspur delight fans in their opening game of the Premier League season, by beating Manchester City 1-0. In the build up to Tottenham’s first game of the season, speculation on whether talisman Harry Kane would feature in the match, … Read More

SN Blog 106 – Fan for life & that’s the problem
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I was born in 1983 and became a Tottenham fan in or around 1990 as I watched Gazza at Italia90, fell in love with football and fell in love with Spurs.  You see that is the story I tell myself … Read More

SN Blog 105 – So the new manager is BrendaPocheConteFonseGattuso
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Whenever I sit down to write a blog post I normally have a structure in mind, or at least a topic in mind that I want to cover with bullet points in my mind that should be covered if I … Read More

SN Blog 104 – A group hug
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One of the things I enjoy the most about being involved with Spurs News is the people I get to interact with.  Fellow Tottenham fans connected via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, now TikTok… and our podcast… this website…. from around the … Read More

SN Blog 103 – Levy’s “art of the deal” style will always hamper Tottenham’s on-pitch success
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If I had to guess how the negotiations between Levy and Conte went, I’d imagine they went a little like this; Levy: What kind of deal are you looking at to be the next manager here? Conte: £20m a year … Read More

SN Blog 102 – Goodbye Danny Rose
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Danny Rose started his professional football career at Leeds Utd coming through their academy but before cementing his place in the first team was snapped up by Tottenham who had previously signed Aaron Lennon from the Yorkshire club and were … Read More

SN Blog 101 – Season 2020/21 Thoughts
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The 2020/21 season has ended.  Finally.  I am not sure about anyone else reading this but I was not expecting us to finish with a win away to Leicester.  I was fully expecting a 3-0 … maybe worse… they have … Read More

SN Blog 100 – What do we do now…
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So this is the 100th blog post on our website.  Thank you to anyone reading, always really appreciate the opportunity I have here to share my rambled thoughts with fellow Tottenham fans.  That being said as I sat to write … Read More

SN Blog 99 – The European Super League
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I would like to start this blog by saying I do not speak for everyone at Spurs News.  We have four admins and I speak for myself here and my personal opinion.  I realise when writing a blog that is … Read More

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