SN Blog 115 – Missed opportunities

As a Spurs fan of over 30 years now (f**k I am old) missed opportunities are two words I feel really hit home when talking about my beloved football club.  Everything from transfer nearly signed… to games we could have / should have won when we had the chance to win or achieve something but fell apart… to quite literally heading wide from one yard out and the net expecting …. MISSED!  OPPORTUNITIES!

The key thing to remember about the 2023/24 season is, we are in transition.  I know many people will keep saying that and it does not take away the pain from losing, especially in games you look at and think HOW!! … like for 30 minutes against West Ham it looked like peak Barcelona vs Southend… but sadly from years of watching football I knew, well, we all knew, if you dominate that much and just lead 1-0 … the script writers are already working on the comeback story.

So why did I mention “transitional season” again… well because I do think we need to keep reminding ourselves that sadly all the work that Argentinian bloke did in building a team to challenge ended when we lost the Champions League final and since then no one has tried to build anything.

Jose, Nuno (we dont talk about Nuno no no no) and Conte all just tried to shoe horn their ideas onto a squad, add bits where they could or were allowed in terms of players and then left us… football was poor, squad is now a hodgepodge of their failed visions and sooooo we are back to square one, we are back to where that Argentinian snake started in 2014.  Depressing I know.  That is where we are though.

Once again last night started well, we took the lead through a great header from Romero and the football we were playing was a joy.  However we lost and so its all for nothing right?  I do not know…

I watched Man City toil and fail to open up Villa without De Bruyne … and we are missing Maddison… even top teams miss top players and it is clear we are struggling without him despite the best efforts of others to step up.

So I guess what I am trying to say is I am still on board with Ange ball despite the frustration at recent results and the main reason why is I understand where we are, we are back at the start and I also understand its a bit like when you watch the academy sides.

When you watch the youth you often have crap results but really its not about the results its about seeing the development.  Right now we need to adopt that thinking with the first team… for how long?  Really… this season… then after January window and next summer… we need to see these games being won.

However for this season… I am all about the Ange ball and hoping for the best.


-Admin SJ

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