Chin up Spurs fans

So I’m writing this, just hours after our 4-1 drubbing at the hands of Manchester City and how do I feel?

Fine. Okay.

But that’s not making me question my passion for Spurs. I know I love my club almost as much as I love my own kids. Spurs can make me literally cry tears of joy (as recently as when we pummelled Liverpool at Wembley).

Maybe my two young children have stolen some of my “love” but I don’t think it’s that.

I started taking my support for Spurs really seriously the year we signed Klinsmann. I was 15 and I remember feeling electric with excitement. I scrap-booked every picture I could find of him. We’d also signed Dumitrescu, and had the likes of Anderton, Barmby and Sheringham in the squad.

As the season developed though, and probably all the way up until the last five or six years, that excitement ebbed away, painfully.

That season we actually lost 5-2 away to Man City. We also lost 4-1 to Nottingham Forest, 3-1 to Leicester and 3-1 to Coventry.

As the seasons went on we were the recipients of a 7-1 drubbing at the hands of Newcastle, 6-1 thrashing at Chelsea as well as regularly conceding five or more at the hands of Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal.

There was no hope. Arsenal were winning the league, we were having trouble staying in it.

Fast forward to 2017 and for the first time in over a season we’ve conceded more than two goals in a league game. We have a fantastic, innovative young manager who, as well as creating a team capable of challenging for the title for the last two seasons, is fully committed to the club and the project he has for it.

We are moving into what will be the best stadium in the UK (if not the world) next season full of optimism. If we don’t have Champions League music to play there to start with, so be it. It didn’t do Chelsea any harm last season did it?

What happened this evening was an anomaly, something we couldn’t have said all those years ago.

That excitement I felt as a 15 year old, I might not be able to ever recapture that again, but under Pochettino, I can take our defeat on the chin.

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