Dembele – We have grown up

Mousa Dembele believes Spurs have grown up and become “adults” this season, having learned from their previous two games against Chelsea when they lost despite going ahead.

Dembele claims they are ready to go all the way in the title charge this season and says they are desperate to win silverware.

Belgium midfielder Dembele said: “It was a very important win for us. I think everybody is happy. If we hadn’t won Chelsea would have been very difficult to catch.”

“So we are very happy. We played well but we have played well against Chelsea in the past and didn’t win. We knew how they would play. We know they have a lot of quality as well.”

“It is not the first time we have played well against Chelsea. But this time when we went in front we did not panic, we kept playing and we wanted to score the second. That was very important and the difference between this and the previous times we played them.

“When we went in front in those games we tried to change the way we were playing, we wanted to battle. But this time we kept to our game and…how you say, we played more liked adults. Yes we played like adults. We were very relaxed.”

(Daily Mirror)

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