Ep194 Tottenham Hotspot

Hello everyone and welcome to the first podcast of 2023 and much like Spurs we are making a stuttering start to the new year.  Sadly my router went the way of our defending and I was left using a hot spot from my phone…. a Tottenham Hotspot if you will… and as such me and Matt on a few occasions could not hear each other and I am really sorry about that.  The wonderful people at my broadband provider have sent me via courier a new router (set to arrive this afternoon) so hopefully that will work wonderfully and this shaky start will be a thing of the past… much like I hope Tottenham now kick on!

We talk about the Villa game, we talk about the Palace game… we talk a little about the upcoming FA Cup game but mostly we focus on ENIC, the club mentality from the top (Mr Levy) and generally share our thoughts on where we are, why we are there and what could we do to move forward.

As always we hope you all enjoy the show and if you would like to get involved, send us a message directly via any of our socials or email sam@spursnews.co.uk and let us know your thoughts.

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