Gary Neville – Spurs over achieving

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville has been discussing how much he rates Spurs manager Pochettino and believes the manager should be offered yet another new deal.

“I’ve liked what they’ve done in the past few years, it looks controlled there, and they need to give that manager a long-term contract and pin him down.”


Mauricio Pochettino was the first ever manager in the ENIC era of owning Spurs to be offered a new contract by chairman Daniel Levy, signing a deal until 2021 shortly before the end of last season.

Due to building a new stadium and the constraints put on the club by FIFA Fair Play rules (which ensures no team mimics Leeds Utd and borrows to compete with larger clubs) Spurs do not have the budgets of any of the Premier League’s big boys.  Manchester United having spent close to £1bn since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Neville continued; “I like Tottenham a lot. I like Mauricio Pochettino a lot. I think they overachieve, in terms of the budget they have. They spend of course, but not to the level of Manchester United or City.”

“They look well coached. You look at those players and you think you’d like to have those players. They’re young, hungry, energetic, they’ll do what you want, there’s not egos in there.”

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