Instant Hits vs Patient Development

It was made clear after the massive mistakes we made in the transfer market a few years ago that we as a club under Pochettino would only sign players from this point on who (a) were under 25 and (b) would work as hard as Pochettino expects every player too.

However despite our policy being clear and well known almost every minute of every transfer window is spent with Spurs fans hoping for a marquee signing.  They want a superstar.  They want a player who will join and hit the ground running.

In this modern transfer market to acquire a player of such calibre you are likely looking at £30m+ and once again we have made it clear we are only looking at players up to £20m.

Spurs have switched philosophy while the stadium is being built from trying to buy and improve the team to coaching and improving the players we have.  Eric Dier is a perfect example.  We offered £20m for Morgan Schniederlin before eventually he joined Manchester United and we also bid a similar amount for Victor Wanyama a summer ago but Poch worked with a young player we had and developed him into a stand out defensive midfielder.

In our modern society everything has to be NOW and as such I think fans demand instant success from players too, often forgetting the three years it took Bale to make it into the first team or the two years it took Lamela to settle into English football.

Pochettino has a clear philosophy to coach and better the players he has over signing ready made stars.  We as a club are creating stars now not buying them, at least while the stadium is being built and fans of the club need to realise that.


-Admin SJ

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