Kane not for sale

In recent weeks it has been speculated in the press that Manchester United were ready to test Spurs’ resolve and make an offer of £100m ‘cash’ for Harry Kane.  They believed with the new stadium being built they could get the player as Spurs have historically been a selling club.

However sources at Spurs have squashed these rumours saying they are “laughable” and “no one would even bother making that call to Daniel, waste of his time to even answer”.


Spurs are looking to hold onto all key members of there squad.  The stadium has taken longer than they would have wanted but its taken this long so they could keep it separate from the football side and learn form the mistakes neighbours Arsenal made when they were forced to sell players on a regular basis to fund the new ground.

The key message to Spurs fans and other clubs is Harry and his team mates are NOT for sale.

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