Klopp preparing for “best possible” Spurs side on Sunday

Tottenham are winless in their past 11 games against Liverpool, but Jurgen Klopp said he is preparing for the “best possible” Spurs side when they meet again on Sunday.

The Liverpool boss said Thursday’s 2-2 draw with Manchester United showed that Spurs can still be “absolutely exceptional”.

When asked about their problems this season, he said: “This is obviously a season where a lot of things were difficult for a lot of teams.

“We had our problems; Chelsea had problems; Tottenham had problems. It’s not cool for us, but it opens the door for other teams.

“Champions League spots are there to grasp. Little mistakes during a season can cause massive problems and have a big impact.”

Liverpool’s win over West Ham on Wednesday briefly nudged them above Spurs on goal difference in the race for European qualification, but the Reds are now a point behind.

“You saw last night that the side they have is still absolutely exceptional,” said Klopp.

“I have no idea why it hasn’t worked out for them, but I will be prepared for the best possible Tottenham side. They were for some years, and by some distance, the best counter-attacking team in Europe.

“There were moments when we lost the ball and they only had to find Harry Kane and in the next moment Son Heung-min was one on one with the goalie.

“They have brought in really good players. Second half [against United] they showed what everyone in the stadium wanted to see and could have won the game. That is the team we will prepare for.”

(BBC Sport)

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