Pochettino’s Barkley plan

The Times are running a story today suggesting how Mauricio Pochettino see’s Spurs target Ross Barkley fitting into the side.


The report fits the theory many fans expected; Pochettino hopes to mould Barkley into Mousa Dembele’s role. Barkley has many similar traits to Dembele; he’s strong, loves to drive forward with the ball and is creative. Barkley also described Dembele as the “hardest player I’ve played against” and looks up to him.

Dembele struggled with a foot injury for much of last season and just last week said he was playing “through the pain barrier” and that he’d “never be 100% fit” (London Evening Standard). This has led to Pochettino questioning whether Dembele can continue at the level he is playing at now in the future. Dembele turned 30 this month and Pochettino is looking for a contingency plan. This will come in the form of Ross Barkley.

The issue with Barkley is he is still learning the game. Everton manager Ronald Koeman said last season that he “had a lot to learn” and there have been criticisms that he can be naive in possession and lose the ball. Barkley also see’s himself as a no.10, just behind the striker. That position is filled by Dele Alli, Eriksen, Son and Lamela. Barkley wouldn’t find it easy to displace any of them.

However, there is good reason to believe that Barkley could be the long term successor to Dembele – after all – it was Pochettino that converted Dembele from an attacking midfielder into a holding one. He could yet do the same for Barkley and finally unlock his potential.

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