Pressure on Spurs over stadium opening

The Premier League have formally asked Tottenham to make a decision over where they will play the remaining ‘home’ league fixtures for the 2018/19 season.

Tottenham were due to move into their brand new stadium at the start of the season but it was delayed which the Premier League were happy to accommodate by having more away games early on for the North London club at the start of the season however serious delays have meant an opening date has been pushed back on a few occasions.

Spurs season ticket holders have been getting refunded on a game by game basis as the season has gone on which has caused anger among the fan base however the club have maintained that the fans are being supportive.

With the Premier League now pushing for a date manager Mauricio Pochettino was asked during his pre Leicester City press conference for his thoughts which he shared as his gut feeling was that the club would not play any game there this season.

“… my gut says we will not play in our home this season.  That is my thinking.  I know we want to move in as soon as possible.”


(London Evening Standard)


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