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One of the great debates I read often is about “World Class” players and at Spurs now we have some excellent players with one of them, in my opinion, being truly world class and of course I am talking about Harry Kane.


The debate is that without a trophy Harry Kane cannot be considered a world class player.  Just to be clear before I go any further, I want us to win trophies – many do not agree with me but I was annoyed greatly about our League Cup exit and my only issue with Pochettino is his attitude to the domestic cup competitions.

That all being said I find the team trophies to make an individual world class baffling.  If winning trophies means you are world class then the following should be considered amongst the best defenders in world football of all time:

Wes Brown Man Utd

Wes Brown won two Champions Leagues, seven Premier League titles, two FA Cups and three League Cups.  So we are all agreed Paulo Maldini not fit to lace his boots?  Toby Alderweireld should not even be mentioned in the same breath… and Wes Brown clearly a better player than Ledley King ever was ….  of course that is complete and utter bollocks!

Wes Brown was, at best, an average Premier League level defender who just happened to be in a fantastic Manchester United squad who dominated football for a number of years.  It does not make HIM as an individual world class anymore than NOT winning trophies as a team makes Harry Kane not world class.

It is of course a debate that will rumble on no matter what and the absolute best way to silence it and progress as a club is to be winning and challenging for major honours every season.  We have the manager, the squad, the stadium and although its not always clear from how we spend we do have the financial backing to compete – we now just need to show the ambition and take the final step!




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