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Why is it that every time we lose a game I see the same people appear in the comments saying the same things.  I never see them when we win but if we drop points ever or lose they are there like lightning, almost as if they actually draw pleasure from seeing us not win as it feeds the agenda you are pushing.

Now I am all for being annoyed at a defeat, in fact I encourage it as the greatest enemy of ambition is apathy BUT what I do not understand, and perhaps those reading this will post in the comments the reason, why people believe Pochettino should be fired.

Forgetting all of the development in our players such as Harry Kane etc which is credited to our manager and his coaching team / methods and also forget that we are now consistently a top four Premier League team, for the first time in our history…. okay, all of that information forgotten… good.

He has been in charge for four and a half years and we have not won a single trophy!  Of course before he joined us we were winning trophies every … well okay we won a league cup in 2008 so a decade ago BUT hey, that is more than Pochettino has won and of course before that latest win we were winning all the time just like our other League Cup in 1999 or the FA Cup before that in 1991.

So to sum up, we have won an FA Cup and two League Cups since 1991.  That is three trophies in 27 years, an average of one trophy every nine years.  Poch has four and a half years to run on his current deal having completed four and a half years already, he has loads of time to win a single trophy that we are all used too.

Of course, as I am sure everyone has realised, I am very much putting my tongue in my cheek here. Our collective expectations from this group of players has been raised but what the people so angry about no trophy seem to forget is that our expectations have been raised due to Pochettino and the work he and his team have done.

We have gone from hoping for a cup run and challenging for top four to being established in the top four and always putting in good cup runs.  Surely everyone can see that as success in its own right?  It doesn’t have a shiny piece of metal but its progress.

NOW the other argument I see put forward a lot is that Pochettino doesn’t have a winning mentality and if he did we would have converted one our many chances in knock out competitions to go on and do something.  League Cup final we were well beaten, FA Cup semi finals ended up under performing and losing and of course the Juventus last 16 tie in the Champions League last season.

We can all have opinions on tactics, team selections and transfers – that is part of the fun of football but when all is said and done only one man makes those decisions and nobody is perfect… he makes mistakes and more often than not he is big enough to acknowledge them – he has also learned from them on many occasions in many different ways.

So if these fans had their way Daniel Levy would fire Pochettino for failing to win us a trophy.  Who would you appoint?  Which manager out there in the world do YOU think could come in and develop the squad we have AND that is key, because Pochettino has done all of this in his tenure with zero investment.

This is not down to him, this is down to the owners and of course the club developing at first the site but then the ground into a new stadium.  How fair would it be or could it be to judge him up against his managerial rivals when they invest hundreds of millions every window?

The people who post whenever we lose I fear are never going to be happy and this summer coming they may well get their wish as Pochettino is offered the Manchester United job – or the Real Madrid job – both likely to be offered to him according to multiple press agencies (both tabloid and trust worthy).

Fans talk about loyalty a lot as players move on and potentially a manager in this case well I am going to end this blog by saying it works both ways.  If (and when) he leaves I truly believe he would have done a job as good as any other manager in the world could have done given the lack of investment.

What I would love to happen is Pochettino finally gets the backing and he is able to make the few signings which will take us from being nearly there to actually winning; just look at Liverpool from last season to this one.  It can be done and for me Pochettino is the right man.



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