SN Blog 50 – If good enough, old enough!

I am going to open this blog with a strange statement, which I will then go on to explain, however here it is.  Harry Kane coming through our academy and becoming world class is both the best and worst thing that could have ever happened for players in our youth system.

So for me to try and explain my thinking here… Harry Kane coming through and establishing himself showed every player in the academy that if you are good enough you would get the opportunity.  Since Harry made his breakthrough we have seen from each age group coming through into the first team, right now we have Harry Winks as an established first team player with Kyle Walker-Peters a key part of the squad.

It has long been thought that these examples being in place it would inspire the academy players to see that they have a chance, whereas in years gone by they would watch the first team add average players from around the world ahead of them simply as to make signings.

I know opinions on players is very subjective so I can only talk for me BUT for me Harry Winks is an excellent midfield option and a key member of the squad.  Kyle Walker-Peters, I would actually have as our first or second choice right back already but right now he is providing cover to both left and right back positions due to rotation and injuries.

Of course Harry Kane is a stand out, a beast, a hero to all… he has just been given an MBE!!

So, on the flip side, why is Harry Kane coming through also a bad thing?  In a word, expectations.

As fans when a young player would make his debut the atmosphere would always be supportive, patient but now, since Kane walked in and proved our academy could produce superstars sadly the atmosphere is more of expectation.

Harry Winks is often bemoaned by Spurs fans.  I read on a regular basis that all he does is pass it backwards or sideways – something I personally find funny BUT its highlighting how tough it is for a young player to get the support from his own fans now.  “Not good enough” is something else I read a lot.  So here are a few REAL quotes from pundits and players / managers about Harry Winks.

Harry ‘king of the jungle’ Redknapp – “Harry Winks is the most technically gifted English midfielder playing in the Premier League right now.”

Darren Anderton – “Harry Winks is as gifted as Paul Scholes, who I played alongside with England.  He has it all.”

Pep Guardiola – “… Harry (Winks) came on today against us and changed the game, his ability to move the ball and move them (Tottenham) forward caught us out a number of times.”

Luka Modric – “He ran the game for them, we couldn’t get to the ball, he deserves praise….”

I could keep listing here but I see no point.  My opinion, your opinion, expert opinion it will not change what anyone thinks but I do have to think that when it comes to players surely the above three men no more than me surely.

So, now we have another batch of players who are on the cusp of big things with us.  Luke Amos, Oliver Skipp and Troy Parrott to name three and I hope that maybe Spurs fans can welcome these young lads into the first team with patience and most of all support.  They are going to make mistakes, they are young (Parrott especially) but they have so much ability and potential they just need to get minutes and experience.

Harry Kane is a once in a generation talent, he should be the shining light for all young professionals at every club but for fans we should all remember its rare to find a player like him – not every player coming through will be world class but many can get there or at the very least can be Premier League class or Champions League level.  Just need to support them.



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