SN Blog 52 – Kane injured, season over?

Last season I remember seeing our fan base universally pissed off when Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola called us “..the Harry Kane team…” with many feeling his accusation of us just being a ‘one man team’ was neither fair nor accurate.

However it took under five minutes from the news breaking that Harry Kane is injured and out until at least March for people to call ‘season over’ and even many calling for drastic spending right now!  Some actually going as far as to promise riots should Daniel Levy and the owners not spend spend spend now in this window.

I am a fan like everyone else reading this and I am saying we all need to calm down.  Would I like us to agree a quick deal with Barcelona to loan Messi for a month or two.. yes… yes I would… do I think we even have the money to bring in semi retired Berbatov; nope sadly I do not.

Sadly with the stadium over run I believe we have nothing and therefore the ability to buy our way out of trouble is not there.  I would love to be proven wrong with some shrewd business by Daniel Levy however I just cannot see it.

Therefore I believe the management, the squad and us as fans need to develop a siege mentality.  We are up against it, its going to be damn tough from here until the end of the season BUT we need to stick together.  Our players who are fit are going to need to run through walls for us to get results and therefore they need every fan right behind them pushing them forward.

Llorente was a player many thought would be leaving us this window, the player himself even talked about needing to play football… well Fernando, welcome to the mother f*ck*ng thunder-dome son, you are up!  Bring it on!

Sonny is away at the Asia cup, the final of which is February 1st so should his nation go the whole way he will not be back with us until early February, will likely need a bit of a rest BUT should be available then to resume his lightning form.

We also have the most prolific Irish striker since Robbie Keane graced White Hart Lane in our academy in Troy Parrott and a very talented youngster named Kaz Sterling waiting to pounce on an opportunity.

Maybe these youngsters will come in, scoring for fun and when Kane is fit again he will struggle to force them out… come on; be positive!  You do not know… none of us know what is to come, the only thing we can control is how WE react and behave.

I am choosing to be positive.  I am choosing to embrace this siege mentality and get behind every player in our squad, young, old, famous or never seen before from the academy.  You pull on a Spurs shirt I am going to support you with every bit of me… if you make a mistake I am going to sing your name louder… if you score a goal I am going to jump up and down like a frenzied idiot… I believe.  We all have to believe.  Come on everyone, get behind the manager, get behind the squad… don’t throw in the towel, dont pin all your hopes on a magic signing or a miracle fix or cure.

We can do this because ladies and gents to dare is to do!

-Admin SJ

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