SN Blog 55 – Still a long way to go…

I am writing this blog piece just a few hours after we lost away to Burnley.  A 2-1 away defeat that despite watching I am still in a little shock about it.  We simply did not look like we would concede, Burnley offered nothing, they were out to defend and severe shit housing tactics – which the ref let them get away with – however set pieces is always an area I feel nervous and again it proved to be that way today.

The corner was nothing special and yet none of our defenders took charge to attack the ball as it came in.  Three of our defenders instead watched and reacted late as their striker arrived to head home.  It is a strange thing to watch, almost like it happened in slow motion.  I am sure I am not the only fan who watched it thinking… I can see whats going to happen…. surely someone else can see… surely….someone.. anyone.. nope.  Shit!

It is really easy to single people out and there are a few players who I think as individuals had poor games but I do not like the idea of scapegoating; not even when the ref was such an ass hole.  The team for me, again just my opinion, looked like they were looking past Burnley to Chelsea and Arsenal.  I get that… but in the Premier League that is fatal as is proven time and time again.

The one plus side was the return of Harry Kane who of course did look a little rusty at times but overall performed brilliantly, worked the keeper a couple of times (one effort that was truly special) and of course got our goal.

We cannot afford to dwell though because for all of the fun and dreaming there has been about possibly pushing for an unlikely title win we now need to make sure this season does not end terribly.  We must ensure we are a top four team AT LEAST!  To do that we need to beat both Chelsea and Arsenal this week.

Its not going to be easy.  Derby games against these two now is where you can throw the form guides… throw the “who is stronger on paper” and it just becomes a case of who wants it more on the day.

Chelsea play tomorrow in the League Cup final… win or lose they will be back and focused for us on Wednesday.  We must be ready and hit them hard and early.  We need to be clinical.  Then of course we face the scum at Wembley.

We lost and lost well at their ground earlier this season and the League Cup victory there aside it is this game we really need to win to set that record straight and win well.

I believe we can win both of these upcoming games and a lot more before the end of the season.  I just hope the team keep believing and keep working as there is still a long way to go and in no way is the season over yet.



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