Spurs fans ‘will tell me if we have been a success or not’ – Postecoglou

Tottenham head coach Ange Postecoglou has been speaking to Talksport about his “responsibility” for the club: “The reason I have had success before is because they have identified what they need in the next phase of their cycle, in terms of style of football. Tottenham is a good fit for me.

“I am not going to compromise on certain things and when they decided to go with me, I knew they were open to going in my direction. I will take responsibility for what happens here – good, bad or otherwise.

“If it goes wrong it’s on me, not any other factors within the club. The only thing I asked for is for the board to be open and supportive, and that they have been. It’s now down to me, and I will take responsibility for that.

“There is not a football manager or player on this planet who doesn’t want to win. My thing is that it’s not just about the winning, it is about the way we play. What I have seen since I got here is a group of players that are open to that. When we get to the position and [style of] play that we want to, the winning should come.”

On fans judging the success of his first season, he said: “I think the supporters will tell me [if we’ve had a good season]. They will tell me if we have been a success or not.

“With all the players, it is about creating an environment and I also put responsibility on them. It’s about them now. You never start with a clean slate, but you start with an opportunity to take control of your career and be the player you want to be.

“We have still got a long way to go and players like Sonny [Son Heung-min], Madders [James Maddison] and [Cristian] Romero are going to play an important role. A lot of it has to be player driven. They have got to buy into it. It is their dressing room and the environment in there has got to be driven by them.”

(BBC Sport)

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