Spurs will consult fans if drawn at home in Carabao Cup

Tottenham will take a fan survey into consideration when deciding where to play their third-round match in the Carabao Cup if they are drawn at home.

Spurs have not yet announced when their new stadium will open, although talkSPORT understands they are ‘within touching distance’ of doing so.

Nevertheless, it will not come in time for the week commencing September 24, when they could be drawn to play at home in the League Cup.

The EFL will allow Spurs to reverse the tie or play at a neutral venue and the club are interested to know what the fans would prefer.

According to the Telegraph, the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust has spoken with the board and subsequently built an online survey, of which the results will be fed back to the club.

Fans are being asked whether their preference would be to play at a neutral venue or flip the tie, whether they have attended a League Cup match in the last three years, how likely it is that they would attend a game at a neutral venue, what factors would influence their decision and which geographical limitations they would put on choosing a neutral ground.


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