Ep144 – Back to reality
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Welcome to our latest podcast discussing all things Tottenham Hotspur. This week we of course reflect on the Crystal Palace game but tend to focus on other things, like the positives in what we have seen but with the obvious … Read More

SN Blog 107 – The World Class debate is back
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I was reading through various Tottenham related press stories this morning and I came across one talking about Harry Kane.  I have to be honest at this point, Mr Kane is not my favourite person however that is a personal … Read More

Ep143 – International breaks can do one
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Welcome to our latest show where we are talking all things Tottenham Hotspur.  It is an international break this week so no games to discuss however we continue to try and flog you Manscaped products (look after your balls…..) and … Read More

Ep142 – Top of the league
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Welcome to the latest episode of the Spurs News podcast where this week, like every week, Sam and Matt talk your balls and also some stuff about Tottenham Hotspur too. The transfer window, the Aurier contract cancellation and much much … Read More

Ep141 – Kane stays
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Welcome to our latest podcast where this week it is a slightly shorter show as Sam is still suffering with long COVID and today and he feels like garbage… but Sam and Matt manage to talk about Kane now staying … Read More

Ep140 – Were you watching Harry Kane?
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Welcome to the second podcast of the 2021/22 season!  Whereas last week Sam and Matt had to do a roundup of an odd Summer and look ahead to the nightmare season opener against Manchester City… this week the pair get … Read More

Son-sational team effort from Tottenham Hotspur in opening game of the season
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Tottenham Hotspur delight fans in their opening game of the Premier League season, by beating Manchester City 1-0. In the build up to Tottenham’s first game of the season, speculation on whether talisman Harry Kane would feature in the match, … Read More

Ep139 – New season, new start COYS
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Welcome back to the Spurs News podcast, we are back after a long summer where not much happened… HA!  This is Tottenham Hotspur, we cannot go a day without something happening.  Can you imagine how boring life would be if … Read More

SN Blog 106 – Fan for life & that’s the problem
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I was born in 1983 and became a Tottenham fan in or around 1990 as I watched Gazza at Italia90, fell in love with football and fell in love with Spurs.  You see that is the story I tell myself … Read More

SN Blog 105 – So the new manager is BrendaPocheConteFonseGattuso
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Whenever I sit down to write a blog post I normally have a structure in mind, or at least a topic in mind that I want to cover with bullet points in my mind that should be covered if I … Read More

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