The Bigger Picture

Here are some facts. Not opinions but facts..

We are fifth in the league, with 41 points from 22 games. We only had five more points at this point last season and actually had two points less the season before.

Last season we finished second in the league, the season before third (only being pipped to second on the last game of the season by our bitter rivals – and yes, it still hurts).


Manchester City spent £213m on new players last summer.  We spent £82m and were the leagues SIXTEENTH biggest net spenders.

The summer before Manchester spent £174m on new players. We spent £70m

Both seasons we finished above Manchester City.

Bearing in mind all those facts, it makes it utterly incredible reading some of comments made by our fans after the draw with West Ham United last night.  Comments like “Poch out“, “embarrassing from Poch“, “so f**king predictable so poor, how much more are we going to suffer” and “usual crap“.

I appreciate that these are comments made after a disappointing game, and I appreciate they are opinions, which everybody is entitled to, but I just find myself screaming “LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!”

Look at the bigger picture Matt? Come on, we’ve dropped points this season already against Burnley, Swansea, West Brom, Watford, Leicester and West Ham. Thirteen points in total. If we hadn’t dropped those thirteen points it would have us second in the table with 54 points.


Should we have dropped those points? We are better than those teams so arguably no, but should we be second in the league only eight points behind the super-spending powerhouse that is Pep’s Manchester City? I’d also say no.

Fortress White Hart Lane has disappeared, we are playing all our “home games” at a ground that our players at times have struggled to adapt to. We all knew this would be a difficult season yet here we are, only one league defeat at Wembley in the league this season and very much in contention to qualify for Champions League football again next season (not to mention two points above those lot down the road who take fickleness to another level).

I understand Stoke supporters, Southampton supporters being upset if their team take a point from a game they should have taken three from. I completely understand our fans also being upset. Against a team like West Ham we should be taking all three but unlike the likes of Stoke and Southampton we are in a good place.. We really are in a good place as a football club.

There shouldn’t be anywhere near the level of anger and vitriol directed towards our team and manager as there was last night, one game or not, West Ham or not.

Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I’m also entitled to give mine. Here it is;

Mauricio Pochettino is THE BEST thing to happen to our club in a very long time (including my life time) and he has turned Tottenham Hotspur into a club I am very proud to say I support.

That’s not my opinion on last night’s game, that’s my opinion on the bigger picture.


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