The Kyle Walker Situation

It would appear to me and anyone else that Kyle Walker has indeed had his head turned by a big money offer from Manchester City.  All of our players have been linked away over the season, from Harry Kane to Dele Alli each has just gone on about their business and the rumours soon died off.

Anyone who watched Kyle ‘perform’ against West Ham however saw what was sadly a player looking for want of a better word stressed.  Be the press rumours true or if they are just simply effecting him as he felt the glare of the TV cameras and fans more than usual who knows but one thing is for sure, besides the odd flash of his normal displays he looked lost on a number of occasions.

Walker & Poch

Various press stories exist as to why Kyle suddenly wants to leave the club, they range from family troubles and wanting to move back up north all the way to being unhappy over rotation at the club.

Walker is first choice right back in many peoples eyes however the manager, ever since he joined the club, made it clear that in his system he believes his full backs / wing backs need to be rotated to be kept as fresh as possible over the whole season.

Had Walker started the FA Cup semi final and the North London derby would these rumours have been so prevalent?  Who knows, what we do know however is if you look at the fixtures since March Kyle and his right back team mate Kieran Trippier have rotated who starts every game.

So, whatever the reason if Kyle is leaving us this summer with Manchester City seemingly his mostly likely destination he will do so with an element of annoyance from me however at the same time I am thankful for the years of service he has given to the club.  He will be doubling his weekly wage at City and working nowhere near as hard in training etc which only time will tell if it will benefit him long term.


One thing as Spurs fans we do know is that Daniel Levy will not let Kyle go cheap.  He signed a new deal only last September and unlike other clubs in the past who have had to sell due to the stadium our chairman has made sure our transfer and playing budget is ring fenced, meaning that there is no impact beyond constraints that were already in place from the FIFA Fair Play rules.

A fee in the region of £40m is apparently what it will take for us to sell so there is the big question that follows, who do we sign to replace him?  If it were me I would sign nobody to replace him.  We have in Kieran Trippier a very good right back who under Pochettino has developed more and more this season and we also have from our academy, for me who has watched him for the last few years, the best young full back in the country in Kyle Walker-Peters.

Irony of his name aside, he is a class act.  Fast, powerful and learning all the time.  A perfect deputy to our experienced Kieran Trippier.  This would allow Spurs to invest the £40m into other areas of the team, like adding pace and trickery to our attack (Wilfred Zaha for example).

This like all pieces is purely based on my opinion, I know from watching football for a long time opinions vary a LOT and therefore like always I would welcome feedback on our Facebook page.


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