Tottenham to learn from West Ham mistakes

Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed he intends to ask West Ham manager Slaven Bilic his advice.


Tottenham are set to move home from White Hart Lane next season whilst the new stadium is built. Temporarily, we will play all our home games at Wembley. This has had a mixed reaction from supporters with many unhappy at the recent announcement regarding the cost of a season ticket.

A more pressing issue for Mauricio Pochettino is the Spurs performances at Wembley. Tottenham have really struggled playing there recently and our only “home” defeats this season have been played there. This is where West Ham and Slaven Bilic come into the picture. The Hammers have struggled this season acclimatising to their new stadium and have been inconsistent throughout the campaign.

The London Stadium is similar to that of Wembley and it takes a while for teams to get used to the stadium, the pitch and to make the ground feel like home. Pochettino is keen to tap into any advice Bilic may have about issues with moving stadium as – if all goes to plan – Tottenham will be making two moves in successive seasons.

“Yes it will be a great opportunity,” Pochettino said.

“Before the game, after the game. Always is an opportunity to listen, to learn. He maybe can advise us on different things. You need to adapt to different things in a new stadium.”

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