Winks describes “up and down” week.

Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks says he has gained valuable experience after “a very mixed week” featuring extreme highs and lows.

The 20-year-old started his first Premier League game last Saturday and promptly scored his first goal for Spurs in a dramatic 3-2 derby triumph over West Ham.

Three days later he was named in the line-up for a European game for the first time, getting the nod for a crucial game in Monaco.

But the Lilywhites lost that game, ending their prospects of advancing in the Champions League – and, while Mauricio Pochettino also showed his faith in Winks by bringing him off the bench in the 65th minute at Chelsea at the weekend, Spurs were defeated again.


“It’s been a very mixed week for me,” said the youngster. “Obviously there were the highs of starting and scoring against West Ham and then starting against Monaco, but unfortunately we lost that – and of course we lost on Saturday as well.

“On a personal note it’s been great because I’m getting opportunities and time on the pitch, but the most important thing is the team and us winning and getting three points, and unfortunately we didn’t get that against Chelsea.

“I’ve learned a lot from all the games. Each game has an experience in it that I’ve never really come across in my career, so every game I play I learn from and every bit of experience I get I take onboard.

“Like the games against Chelsea, Monaco and West Ham, each game for me is just another bit of experience to add to my collection.

“Part of the game is you’ve got to learn to deal with defeat and unfortunately we’ve had two defeats in a week, and it hasn’t been great in the dressing room – it’s been a little bit down and everyone’s been upset, as you can imagine.

“But for me, as a young player, I’ve got to learn to deal with the disappointments, brush it off and go on to the next one, and I think that’s what I’m going to do.”

Winks added: “The manager trusts in all the players, all the young players. He’s good with that – if he feels like he can trust us he’ll put us out there.

“Fortunately, in my opinion, I’ve gone out there in training and in pre-season and proved I can be trusted. But it’s important for me to keep [repaying] that trust, to keep working hard and improving, because otherwise I’ve seen what football can be like, so it’s important for me to keep going.

“It’s still early doors for me but it gives hope to all young players that are coming through at Spurs that there are opportunities there once you’re drafted in and proven yourself, so to speak.”

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