Davies reveals how he has kept busy during lockdown

Tottenham defender Ben Davies has revealed how he has been keeping busy during the coronavirus shutdown by helping care for an elderly neighbour.

Government advice classes the elderly among the vulnerable group who should self-isolate during the pandemic in order to minimise the risk of contracting the disease.

Davies and the rest of the Tottenham squad are still following a strict training programme from home, but with competition suspended around Europe, the Welshman has more time on his hands than usual.

“We put a letter through his letterbox when this all started,” Davies explained. “He doesn’t have any family, so we’ve taken a lot of care of him in the last couple of weeks.

“It’s actually been very rewarding. This is someone who perhaps without us wouldn’t know too much about what’s going on right now.

“So we’ve been able to help him out, help him with his food, prep his meals for him and stuff like that. It’s been quite good.

“He’s got quite a nice, big front garden so we drop a few things off for him, have a little chat with him from quite a good distance away and it’s been really nice.”

The neighbour in question appears to have been unaware that he was living next door to a Premier League footballer.

“He’s also quite interested in the fact that I play for Spurs,” Davies added. “I don’t think he knew that before. It’s not so much the Spurs angle he’s interested in, it’s more the day to day of what we do with the training and whether he could do any of it himself.

“I think, of course, it’s very difficult times, but that feeling of community, that feeling of good will that around at the moment can really go a long way.”

(Standard Sport)

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