Dele Alli: who I was really swearing at

England scraped a 2-1 win against Slovakia last night but there was an incident during the game that has caused some drama.


Dele Alli was fouled on the edge of the area, however, the referee waived away his protests. Alli was clearly unhappy with the decision and moments later was pictured aiming a middle finger gesture in the direction of the referee.

Pundits after the game came to the conclusion that Alli was flipping the bird to the referee and were concerned that he could see a retrospective ban.

Alli has since come out and claimed the gesture was aimed at former Spurs teammate Kyle Walker.

Just to clarify, the gesture tonight was a joke between me and my good friend Kyle Walker! Apologies for any offence caused! Great win 2nite

alli and walker

The pictures above do support Alli’s claims that he was in fact gesturing to Kyle Walker… Something a lot of Spurs fans will be happy to join in with.


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