Pochettino’s Final Post Match Press Conference 2016/17


Q. You wanted the players to finish the season well, but you couldn’t have imagined it would be that good?

A. “No, I think this is a different season and different period. We’ve shown we have learned and improved from last season. That is so important for us. To finish in the way we have is how we wanted to finish. I think it’s fantastic. I’m very happy for Harry, but very disappointed for Hugo. I think in the moment that we conceded a goal we feel disappointed because he needed another clean sheet to share the golden glove with Courtois and it was impossible.

But I think when analysing, the season was good. Second in the table with 86 points, and should be in another season enough to win the Premier League. But I think for us it’s time to move on and time to rest, try to improve the squad and try to challenge because next season will be a very tough challenge for us as well.”

Q. Spurs have lost just four league games this season, what have you changed about the club’s mentality?

A. “I think it was important from last season to learn and at the same time improve. It was the area that we put more effort into trying to improve, in that mental area. Last season was so tough and in a different period of the season. It’s true that it wasn’t enough because our objective is always to win but we were so close and now it is I think we set our level a little bit more higher.

It’s a good platform for us next season to try to improve, to learn and try to win because I think that in the next few seasons it’s so important for us and our fans to try to win some trophies.”

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Q. How happy are you about Harry Kane retaining the golden boot?

A. “It’s fantastic for him. His team-mates, the club and the fans are so happy about that. He deserves congratulations to him and he is one of the best strikers in the world.”

Q. Did you consider keeping him on so he could get 30 goals?

A. “After he scored his third goal I don’t know if you remember but he was having a bit of a struggle, a physical problem. It was a moment to take responsibility and a good decision. I prefer that next season the challenge is to score 30 goals and that he keeps safe and healthy and ready to go to Hong Kong and then the international games he needs to play. It will be a challenge for him to score 30 goals next season.”

Q. Do you feel he can do that?

A. “Yes he can. He’s still young, still improving and learning. His will to learn and improve, that is the most important thing in a player.”

Q. Will he become one of the world’s best or is he already?

A. “For me he is already is one of the best strikers in the world. It’s true that it’s so difficult to say who is the best. But he is one of the best already for sure.”


Q. When you couldn’t win the title last season you lost 5-1 at Newcastle, this season you’ve scored 13 in two games, what’s the difference?

A. “I think we are closer than last season. We will see what happens next season because our dream is to win the Premier League. Our aim is to try to fight every season. After two very consistent seasons, why not next season? Let’s try again to fight to win the Premier League.”

Q. What are your emotions when you see the Chelsea celebrations?

A. “No, no emotions for me. For me, it’s in the past now and I am so focused on next season and trying to take the best decisions to try to improve the team. That’s our objective now.”

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