SN Blog 23 – The ever moving goal posts

I am possibly going to show my age here (I am 35) but I remember when I was a kid if I ever saw Spurs win a game, or saw the score via Teletext and we had done well I could not wait to watch Match of the day.  I respected what Alan Hansen had to say and when he would break down what the team did well, or not so well it meant something.

Now its possible that is just because that was my era and I am sure many will say he was an idiot etc etc but for me hearing him break down what my team did in a game meant something and that is why MOTD was essential viewing.

HOWEVER as I got older, Sky created the Premier League and we had our 90’s struggles watching MOTD was not really that great.  Every now and then you would hear some interesting insight and you would agree but by in large as a Spurs fan it was not a great time to watching us.

As ENIC bought Spurs our fortunes began to change a little in the league, no more were we relegation avoiders / mid table mediocrity we were actually up and challenging for European places and even secured some UEFA Cup / Europa League seasons!

However, no sooner did we achieve that did suddenly the pundits move the goal posts – Champions League was now the be all and end all of football and without that they would ‘sell’ our players after any game they played well and talk down about us as a club constantly.

Finally we got there, under ‘Arry our team made it to the Champions League and played really well until we ran into Real Madrid – however we had a great season in the top competition and were very unlucky not to make it back in the following year but when we didn’t it was all anyone would focus on.  “Players should leave for Champions League football” etc.

Time moved on and we were in a muddle for a while until Pochettino joined the club and we got a clear direction again.  For the first time we became an established top four club and have been in the Champions League two seasons in a row with a great chance to make it three in a row.

However now, our players should leave as they have not won a trophy!  The goal posts have moved again and suddenly it has dawned on me.  They will always be moved.  Pundits will never be happy.

I have stopped watching MOTD and often just turn off post game reviews now as I get sick of hearing; “how long can they keep Kane at the club without a trophy” etc.  What dawned on me is we win the FA Cup this year it will suddenly be; “Kane needs to win a title or he will leave..” and then if, god please, we win the Premier League; “Kane will need to move to win the Champions league!”

I honestly believe should we win the quadruple in the season the pundits will wrap up our season by saying; “Kane has won it all with Spurs now, he should leave for a fresh challenge.”

It has irked me for some time but now I have realised its a never ending goal post moving nonsense I am feeling a little better about it.

We still have top four, FA Cup and Champions League to play for this season.  If you had told a younger me that years ago when I was celebrating us signing Øyvind Leonhardsen I would have been over the moon!


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