My first North London derby

Having been a Tottenham Hotspur bronze member for a number of years, I was in the fortunate position to be able to purchase a season ticket this season. First and foremost in my mind when deciding whether to buy a season ticket was the opportunity to have that season ticket at our wonderful new ground next season, but a deciding factor was also the chance to watch us play our bitterest of rivals. Something for one reason or another I hadn’t had the opportunity to do before.

Well Saturday morning, having decided to buy my season ticket back in July, and with it safely tucked into my wallet, I was on my way to Wembley to watch us play the Arsenal.

As I was heading to Wembley Park station I had time to reflect on my feelings. It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. So much rides on this game; It’s not just three points and it never will be. It’s the bragging rights on Facebook. Its watching match of the day that evening (and rewinding the game at least three times). It’s the rest of the of the weekend spent with a dopey smile on your face – made even bigger when you watch the Arsenal Fan TV meltdown post-match on YouTube.

As my train pulled into Wembley Park the roar of “..HE ONLY COST FIVE MIL, HE’S BETTER THAN OZIL…” reverberates around the station. Excitement takes over. I just want to be in the ground, I want to feel the electric atmosphere that I’m expecting. I walk along Wembley Way towards the ground just hoping the miserable weather isn’t a reflection of the game.

I walk into the ground, arms up for the customary body search, a quick pint to settle my nerves and I take my seat. Well that’s a figure of speech because there was no sitting down for me (or anyone near me) during the game.

The first half was a bit like a boxing match of two heavy weight champions. Very tight, neither side giving much away. As I sit down and take a half-time breather, a supporter sitting next to me said we have to come out second half all guns blazing, and that’s exactly what we did. When Harry Kane leaped high above Koscielny to plant the ball masterfully into the bottom right corner of the net, the feeling of pure elation was overwhelming. I must have picked up at least half a dozen fellow supporters around me, throwing them up and down in excitement.

The following forty-odd minutes was mostly spent with my head in my hands as we spurned chance after chance, but having survived the last ten minute onslaught I breathed for the first time in those ten minutes as the referee finally blew the final whistle. YES!!!!!

As I sat on the train home, wearing my dopey smile, I looked at my phone. I needed a signal so I could post the picture I took (the one at the top of this article) on Facebook. Oh, and also find Arsenal Fan TV on youTube.


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