SN Blog 35 – New season

So here we are, a new season.  2018/19 Premier League season to be precise and already people are pissed off.  We have played exactly one game, winning it 2-1 away at Newcastle (not an easy place to go and win as I am sure we will see as the season continues).  So why are people pissed off?  Two words.  No signings.

As much as I am very much done with transfer talk as it seems like that is all I have done as a Spurs fan for weeks be it on our podcast (Yes Spurs News has a podcast, I talk on it and its great) or when interacting with fellow fans on our Facebook page.


When the last season ended there was lingering anger out there amongst the fan base that once again a season ended without a trophy.  Its understandable; we have been so close for a few years now and it feels like we are always going to fall that one step short.

What lifted everyone however was our manager speaking publicly about what he felt needed to change.  The now infamous ‘be brave’ line was uttered and everyone assumed that meant a change in our wage structure and signings; not just a plucky French winger with N’ at the start of his name either – we were expecting real world class signings to take us to the next level.

When the manager signed a new deal and was followed by Harry Kane’s new deal smashing our wage structure it all seemed like change was in the air and as a club we were going to go into our new stadium with a marquee signing or two.  Could Bale come back?  Maybe Modric?

Of course the reason ‘be brave’ is now infamous is that we signed nobody.  No, that is not a plucky French winger ‘N’obody I mean no one… no new players… we have added zip, zero nada.. zilch in terms of new players and that means we are the first team in Premier League history not to sign a player in the Summer window, since the summer window was established and the only team in Europe’s top five leagues not to make a single signing.  Wrap it up any way you want … its f***ing brave!!


So with no new signings Poch is left with the same squad as last season, where some are begging / pleading / demanding moves away.  Danny Rose, Toby Alderweireld and Mousa Dembele the key men from the squad who all wanted out but failed to land moves away.  Add to that young talent like Marcus Edwards demanding a move, fringe players like Janssen & N’koudou wanting out and our academy actually losing several promising players what initially felt like the summer of big change has ended up ‘same old Tottenham’.

HOWEVER.  I am loving it.  I know, I must be insane right?  Hear me out.  When Dele Alli wins a free kick and is booed as a diver and gets up, scores and does the shhh symbol I love it.  When Lamela see’s Jack Wilshere and calls him a pussy … I love it… When Vorm is ready to fight Chelsea.. all of them… I love it.  I actually quite enjoy this bucking the trend, going against the grain.  I like the two fingers up to the expectation that you HAVE to sign players to win.

I always want us to win but this season more than ever to almost prove a point.  To stick two fingers up to every member of the Sky Sports team, talk sport, Match of the day… much like Ferguson did when he was told you will never win anything with kids lets show the whole damn world that you can win things without splashing money on signings!!!!

I’m ready for the new season, I am supporting this team, this manager and I know they will deliver this year.  COME ON YOU SPURS!


-Admin SJ

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