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So here at Spurs News HQ we stumbled upon a fantastic statistic in relation to the goal-scoring antics of Harry Kane.

Since the beginning of 2015/16 season, Kane has scored an incredible 110 goals in the Premier League. The statistic is made even more impressive with the fact the strikers at Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have scored 96, 90, 86 and 80 goals respectively. Not an individual striker at each club, the ENTIRE strike-force at each club.

Before I move on to the point I’d like to make I urge you to re-read that last paragraph. Please read and digest it. It truly is incredible.

So anyway, we decided this morning we would post the statistic to give our Facebook page followers a nice Tuesday morning lift (for those that needed it anyway).  As soon as it was posted, a comment popped up which read; “Problem is that this highlights our reliance on one player and how important it is to get him adequate back up.”

AND there we have it, a statistic about our world-class striker, that for me only conjures up feelings of pride, immense pride for what he has achieved for himself and for our club so far.  A statistic that makes me feel unbelievably lucky that we have him at our club, is also a statistic that for other Spurs fans only conjures up feelings of negativity.

Fortunately we don’t have to rely on one player at Spurs. Dele, Eriksen, Son and Lamela have scored 102 Premier League goals between them in the same period, but that really is beside the point.

I don’t want to be critical of the person that made the comment, the beauty of having a fan-page on Facebook is that we all share our differing opinions with the hope, I guess, that we all want the same for our club. I just personally find it odd that the go-to emotion for a Spurs fan, when reading a statistic as positive and impressive as this one, is one of negativity.

I understand the frustration in regards to the lack of trophies over the last 30 years. We all know how close we have come in recent years, whether it be in the Premier League, League Cup final or the two recent FA Cup semi-final defeats.

I also understand the pain in having to deal with the “banter” that comes our way from supporters of trophy-laden clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea. Until last summer I worked for a train operator based in London for over a decade and was surrounded by those fans on a daily basis.

I just feel, with Harry Kane at our club, the trophies will eventually come and until they do I’m more than happy to watch, and more to the point ENJOY watching our prolific goal-scorer continue to put the ball in the back of the oppositions net.

I’m also happy to watch his more than adequate “back-up” goal-scorers do the same.

– Admin MC

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