SN Blog 5 ‘Am I overly patient now?’

This week has seen Dutch international striker Vincent Janssen leave the club on a seasons loan to Turkish side Fenerbache, where he will form a strike partnership somewhat ironically with Roberto Soldado.

Vincent Janssen Fenerbache

Janssen, who was signed for around £17.5m was the top goalscorer in Holland before joining Spurs but still a young player and as such the manager made it clear he wanted to ease him into the Premier League and called for patience from fans; sadly best laid plans and all that – Kane picked up an injury and Janssen was thrown straight in getting games much earlier than the manager wanted.

Strikers, possibly more so than any other position seems to be a confidence led role – when feeling good you see strikers finish on instinct burying chance after chance; however when that confidence is not there you see them snatch at open goals and miss.

However Janssen is not the first striker Spurs have signed who for all their effort and commitment have failed to score the goals expected of them.  The most recent and most expensive example being Roberto Soldado.

Soldado Image

‘Bobby’ joined as part of our large recruitment drive with the monies received for Gareth Bale and he did so with a great reputation in Spain as the top goal scorer in the division, behind Messi and Ronaldo – which is nothing to be ashamed of.  However the Spaniard seemly didnt settle and then could not find any form at all.

Every Spurs fan wanted it to work for the striker badly, much like with Janssen last season due to the obvious efforts being put in but simply not happening.

I am quite a positive fan by nature and as such I tend to stick by the players I see struggling… maybe its that British underdog thing, perhaps I am just a sucker for someone I can see trying really hard OR and I think this is the most accurate, I just don’t agree with the modern societal thing of  instant gratification or dump it.

A few years ago there was a young Welsh player we signed from Southampton.  He was hailed as a bit of a wonder boy and a host of clubs were interested in him but he came to us.  His career in our colours did not start well; in fact he still holds a Premier League record for the longest run of games from debut to go without a win (24).

I however truly thought there was something about this kid and would tell anyone who would listen.  In fact, its a source of many a conversation now how I would be shouted down in the stands as I defended him to the masses who wanted him dropped or sold… I remember one guy stating he’d pay good money for him to be gone.

Bale Debut Picture

The player I refer to is of course Gareth Bale.  I like many I am sure had faith in him that was rewarded and as such I have always from that moment shown greater patience with players.  Danny Rose is another example (although I’d like to chin him right now, that is another story) and Erik Lamela is also a player I rate when many wrote him off a long time ago following his first season with us.

So I guess the point of my rambled blog this week is this; perhaps because of me being right once about Bale I have become now to patient, tolerant of players?  Perhaps I need to be more ruthless in my opinions?  I don’t know but I do know is that we as fans are also known as supporters.  Support.  By definition that is what we do, support the club, the team, the players.

As long as I believe a player is working hard, being professional on and off the pitch then they will have my support even if they are not reaching the heights right now many demand of them.




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