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If anyone ever told you that being a Tottenham fan was easy I believe by law you can shoot them…. I am confident no one would have ever said it though.  I was born in 1983 and have been a fan since the mid 80’s and it has never been easy.  However the club I love is in my DNA.

It is easy being a fan when everything is going well.  Supporting the team week in and out when results are poor and its clear some, or a lot, of the players see themselves elsewhere that is the challenge.  A close friend went to Brighton today and watched us lose 3-0 after being in the crowd in the week to watch us lose 7-2 in the Champions League.  He also went to our League Cup defeat and when I asked him what he thought about things he said; “Poch is being let down by the players he put on the map, sack all the fuc**rs and play youth until we can sign and sell.”

You see in football thanks to “super clubs” and their insane wealth that whenever results do not go the way everyone expects they sack the manager and its all change.  New face, new approach and often results change and if they do not, they do it again.  They have the money in the bank to do this over and over not only in terms of hiring top managers and paying them but also in terms of recruiting players these managers want.

Do you see that happening at Tottenham?  Do you see Daniel Levy spending X to sack Poch and his team to spend X to appoint a top manager to then have to spend XXX on players the new manager wants.  No me either.  In fact we all know that will not happen so therefore we can rule out a top tier manager being recruited.  That leaves a manager who see’s Tottenham as a stepping stone / a project.  Another Poch basically coming in hoping to build their reputation.

So I ask everyone what is the actual point in making that change?  We have a manager who has over achieved and raised our club expectations so much that our fans now believe he deserves to be sacked.  You realise where we were when he arrived?  You remember the failure that was AVB and then Sherwood?  You remember the mercenary squad that was a mess?

What makes me laugh is people point to a lack of trophies under Poch as a reason to fire him.  Are you kidding me?  How many trophies did Sherwood win?  AVB?  Redknapp?  If we were prolific in lifting trophies then I would get it however we as a club are not and it troubles me that so many people point to trophies all the time.  If that is truly the only reason you follow Tottenham what are you doing?  We all want to win things but I am not about to switch teams or lose my mind over not winning them.

I have enjoyed under Poch a transformation from a Europa league team to a Champions League team.  That is not just a “profits for ENIC” thing but that is raising the profile of the football club around the world.  We have signed record kit deals, record sponsorships and all while moving into a top stadium under Poch.

He could have easily taken a job at Manchester United or Real Madrid, we are all aware they were in for him and he turned them down to stay with us.  His loyalty however was not rewarded with the recruitment and squad changes he asked for.  When I say this I see how fast people point to this summer Ndombele signing etc however what you are missing here is our failure to move players out.

Alderweireld has been in a contract dispute for years, we signed Sanchez and so he should have been sold but we didn’t act.  Eriksen when he had two years left should have been given a sign or go; now he is running down his deal… well jogging… walking.. and add to that Vertonghen and others running down deals from further out like Wanyama, Dier etc and you have a mess.

Rumours are now flying about Harry Kane looking at his options for the summer and with that news I am about ready to put on a Dido album and drink my way through a bottle of Jack Daniels. Of course rumours like this always come up when you’re getting a hammering like us from all corners right now.

So a conclusion here is coming.  My opinion is to sack our manager would be madness.  We would not get anyone better and he has worked hard to get us to where we are with these raised expectations and deserves our support now.  As supporting a team winning is easy but right now when they really need us and times are hard is when we really need to show our support.




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  1. Mark Webb
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    Well said sir, i agree wholeheartedly, i have been supporting Tottenham since 1973 and Poch has worked wonders and he will again, patience everyone please!!! STID!

  2. Terry down
    | Reply

    Great comments and sensible but things have to change and they certainly won’t unless something quite drastic happens. I would drop all the players, that of course won’t happen,hopefully poch won’t walk so levy won’t sack him as it would cost too much. Do we limp through to January and hope some more investment will come. If we do change managers it will almost certainly be done on the cheap, so it must be poch with a drastic re-think,the team selection and tactics. It will certainly give the media many more headlines. Here’s in hope. COYS

  3. Tom Quinn
    | Reply

    Yup, with you all the way there mate Expectations are so high due to pressure answer I say hate from “other fans”(no names need mentioning). Being a Spurs fan is and always will be a rollercoaster ride. Success off the field is unprecedented and we will always have entertainment with lots of goals one way or the other. Poch must stay and those players must commit to training hard and following tactics.

  4. Lynne Slade
    | Reply

    Very well said! I have been supporting Spurs since 1967 and this has been a fantastic time to be a Spurs supporter. Poch has been fantastic for us, taken us to places we never knew expected.
    Don’t people remember the end of last season when we were all so emotional winning the semi final, chanting for Poch, he was a hero and now some supporters want his head.
    I don’t think these are true supporters, true supporters are what the word means ‘support ers’ We need true supporters.
    Okay we need to sort things out, but I also think losing the Champions league final knocked us for six.
    Please get behind the team!

  5. Adam
    | Reply

    Agree with every point here it’s all spot on for me Sam! Poch should bench/reserve those who aren’t playing for the club anymore and play youth instead in those positions. He has taken us so far Poch, it’s like the fan base has forgotten what things were like just before he came in and when he started at the club! The team “within a team“ antics going on at the time and completely divided dressing room. Poch sorted this out before, I’m not sure he wants to do it again with players he’s so close to but I trust he will find a way to get it done. I just hope he’s still up for the project.

  6. Chris Thorne
    | Reply

    I’ve supported our club since the late sixties and could never support another. Sound blog, but where I disagree with you is that the MANAGER must take responsibility for the team he keeps picking. Eriksen clearly doesn’t want to play for the club anymore, why is he still being picked? I would let him train with the reserves and anyone else who’s head is supposedly “not there”

  7. alvin furrer
    | Reply

    I would not suggest that Poch should be sacked right now. That would mean paying out a fortune and then hiring a replacement manager at short notice who probably would not be any better.

    But change must come… Levy should start lining up a new manager to take charge after the end of this season. Because Poch has reached his peak and things will only decline if nothing is done.

    That would mean that Poch would have served 6 years – and, during those six years, Poch has shown to be the best manager we have had in decades. But some managers fail to win trophies, they can never get the team to close the deal, or to get over the line, and will always land up nearly winning something… and Poch is one of those characters. Like Harry Redknapp, he is another Mr Nice who can run a bunch of players and they can then do well…. but there is no winning spirit that is brushed off on the players like the Klopps, the Mourinhos, the Guardiolas, the Fergussons etc etc – and, of course, the Bill Nicks !

    People harp on about over-achieving but, by doing that, one will never achieve. One will always set the bar too low. Bill Nick did not do that, now did he ?

    People harp on about the lack of incoming transfers and about off-loading players. But we should be developing our youngsters and we should be buying wisely. We should only be buying players that we really need, that will fit in to the team and who fit into the salaries guideline. Buying the right player is not an easy task. And nor is off-loading them either… there is a reason why Eriksen, Rose, Vertonghen and Alderweireld are still with us. No one wanted them.

    We have already a very large squad… look at the team that started against Colchester. Apart from three youngsters, we put out a very strong team… and yet they failed to deliver, they looked no more motivated or eager to please than the team who played in the second half against Bayern or who played yesterday.

    It is not just the players near the end of their contracts, it is quite a few other players not looking very happy… Alli, Moura, even Kane !

    So, Poch not only lacks that winning mentality but he has lost the mojo to motivate the players… he may try and bluff by saying the players are still playing for him…. but they obviously are not. Did you see the scowls behind Poch on the bench yesterday ? One may say that the players are letting down the manager and the club…. but motivation is one of the key aspects of the job. And let us face reality… this lack of motivation has been showing in most of the matches since January of this year !

    So, whilst we appreciate what Poch has accomplished over the years, next season we really should be aiming higher and for that we need to search now for a new manager…. Rogers ? Mancini ? Whoever… someone with PL experience, someone who has won things. And Levy must start looking now.

    Bill Nick knew when he had to pack it in. Poch should do the same.

  8. Tony Howard
    | Reply

    So what has gone on behind the scenes.?? It’s quite clear that all is not well in the dressing room and divisions have arose because of this. Us as fans who pay good money to watch this lot have a right to know and what the manager is going to do about it. There are many rumours out there about who shagged who’s wife etc.. if these are false then this needs to be made clear by the club and persons involved. By the same token whatever is the cause for the unrest needs to be dealt with sharply and those involved ousted so we can get back to some normality. Just as a footnote I do not believe getting rid of Poch is the right idea either.. unless he is the problem..!!

  9. Howard Conway
    | Reply

    WELL SAID !!! Fully Agree. HOWEVER, things need to be rectified. As well as having the players running down their contract, there is the situation with Harry Kane. He gets injured and then recuperates and insists he is fit to play. That first game is normally a disaster. Yet Poch never subs him off. It is almost as if he is scared to do so. If Harry is a team player then he should recognise when he is not properly match fit or having a bad game and should allow himself to be subbed. I agree that with all the hard work he has put in, he should have been given a chance in the Champions League final, BUT it was obvious he was having a bad game and should have been off at half-time. Lucas Moura and Fernando Llorente who were key in getting us to the final were only given limited time on the pitch.

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