Spurs got lucky last year

Robbie Fowler: Spurs got lucky last season and a lack of transfer activity this summer might send them backwards!

It seems obvious to me that Kyle Walker had fallen out with Mauricio Pochettino at Spurs.

Why else would he be sold to a team that are now direct rivals for a top-four place, perhaps even the title, even for the amount of money he has gone for?

I don’t know if the manager has ­decided he does not rate Walker, but it looks a bit like the defender has fallen out of favour – and that is ­probably the bottom line on why he has gone.

I know there is an argument to be made that the money was too much to turn down, but this is the Premier League we are talking about.

None of the top sides needs to cash in, and none of them needs to sell ­players to ­direct rivals.

The fee is an interesting one.

Walker & Poch

Of course, it is a lot – it is silly season and you get people screaming that he is not worth this or that, but the fact is, even for a right-back, he is worth the reported £50million because someone was willing to pay it.

For that money, Walker is going straight into the City team and so that begs the question, do Spurs actually not think he is any good, do they not think he will make their opponents better?

It is intriguing because Tottenham have title aspirations, big aspirations, and yet they are prepared to make City better on the surface of it.

Walker is a good player, no doubt, but maybe Pochettino believes Kieran ­Trippier is the better bet. He came on a lot last season and got into the England team. He is also a bit younger.

I suppose the £50m will enable them to strengthen their side in other areas where it’s needed more. Tottenham are the only Premier League team not to make a signing yet, but I would be amazed if they didn’t bring in some significant signings.

They have been thereabouts the last two years and they have a quality manager who the players seem to rate, even rave about. That makes them play for him, lifts them up a level and I think they have the basis of a squad that will be around the top four again.

But they have actually made a couple of questionable signings in recent years. Moussa Sissoko was a rank bad buy, no question, but obviously that is with a hell of a lot of ­hindsight because he seemed to be the next superstar in the making.

The Dutch lad Vincent Janssen hasn’t cut it either, and he does not look ­Tottenham class. I am not slagging him, just being realistic – he is not good enough to replace Harry Kane.

Spurs got lucky last season because Kane only had one injury spell and they did not miss him too much. But if he gets a bad one or struggles, they will need better quality as back-up.

They will go and spend. There will be a striker coming in – I’ve heard ­Bournemouth’s Josh King is a possible – and despite the fact there have been a few misfires in recent years, they have been building a good quality squad.

But other teams will be stronger as well. City have spent the best part of £200m already, Chelsea will strengthen massively and United have spent £150m so far, with no sign of stopping. Arsenal have made a couple of decent-looking buys, too, Liverpool no doubt will and Everton are pushing with their impressive summer so far. So, if Spurs stay still in the transfer market, it could see them go backwards rapidly.

That’s the wonderful world of the Premier League these days – you may need to spend £200m to stay still.

I don’t think I would be too worried yet, if I were a Spurs fan – Pochettino seems to have a plan. It will be ­fascinating to see whether it comes off.

(Daily Mirror)

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