Spurs named most valuable club in the Premier League

Tottenham have been named the most valuable club in the Premier League, according to a new study.

While it hasn’t been a good year on the pitch for the Lilywhites as they have failed to build on last season’s run to the Champions League final, they are certainly doing something right off it.

The Lilywhites are now worth £2.567bn and have blown the likes of the Manchester giants and Liverpool away despite once again not winning any silverware.

Speaking about Spurs’ rise to the top to become the most valuable Premier League club, Maguire said: “Spurs are top of the valuation table because in 2018/19 they delivered a Champions League final and a top four Premier League finish on a wage budget that was £100-150 million lower than the rest of the ‘Big Six’.

“As such they made more profits, and this was reflected in the final valuation number.

“These factors led to a 21% increase in income, to £461m for Spurs in 2018/19, against an unbelievably light 39% player wage cost – the lowest ratio in the Premier League.

Valued at £1.837billion in 2018 as they sat in third and trailed Man City and Manchester United in the standings, new analysis from University of Liverpool Management School football finance expert Kieran Maguire has seen them jump up two places to take top spot.


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