Spurs through to the Champions League Final!

Tottenham Hotspur make an outstanding come back against Ajax, putting them through to the final of the Champions League.

Last night was one of the biggest games in most Tottenham fans life, where Spurs faced Ajax in the second leg of the Champions League semi final.


At 1-0 down on aggregate after playing the first leg at home, Tottenham knew they would need to get off to a big start and try to score early. Unfortunately for them, a goal did come early, but for the opposition. Ajax scored their first goal in just under 5 minutes to put themselves 2-0 ahead. This immediately put the pressure on Spurs and the hopes of reaching the Champions League final already seemed out of reach.

Spurs were fighting to push forward as much as possible, however they could not get past the Ajax defence. With the 2-0 lead, Ajax were able to defend in numbers, hitting Tottenham with the counter attack at every given chance.

Any hopes left of going through to the Champions League final came crashing down when Hakim Ziyech slammed the ball past Hugo Lloris with an incredible strike in the 35th minute, leaving Spurs’ dreams completely shattered.

Half time came and Tottenham looked well and truly out of the tie. With three goals needed in just 45 minutes, there were very few people around the world that imagined Spurs ever making a come back. There was one man that did – Lucas Moura.

In the 55th minute Lucas slotted a goal into the back of the net to put Tottenham back in the game. All of a sudden the noise and sprit of the away fans lifted immensely, but with so much still to do no one could ever imagine what was to come next.

Just four minutes later, Lucas Moura got a second goal, leaving everyone wondering if this could actually be Spurs’ night! Could they really turn around a semi final which saw them losing by three goals at half time?

With only minutes to spare, Ajax were doing everything in their power to keep the goals out. Spurs came close again but they were unable to put the ball over the line. Focus was dramatically turned to the other end of the pitch which saw Ajax narrowly miss and hit the post.

Seconds were left on the clock, Spurs were very nearly out and it didn’t look like anything was going to give. Then came Lucas Moura, again!! Lucas got hold of the ball and fired it low into the bottom corner of the net! The Spurs fans in the stadium went crazy, Pochettino and the coaching staff went crazy and even commentator Darren Fletcher and Jermaine Jenas went crazy!

Tottenham Hotspur had done the unthinkable, coming from behind away from home and scoring three goals in 45 minutes. They were heading through to the final of the Champions League!

The final whistle blew and all of the Tottenham staff, players and even an injured Harry Kane came running onto the pitch to celebrate! Mauricio Pochettino was reduced to tears in sheer happiness and disbelief. With a hat-trick of goals from Lucas Moura, Spurs had made history and will be going to Madrid to face Liverpool in the Champions League final!

As a huge Spurs fan, nothing has ever come close to this feeling. Never imagining we’d have even made the semi final of the Champions League – let alone the final! The unreal emotions of extreme happiness, shock and pride. Seeing just what it meant to our manager and players gave me goosebumps. There are no words that I can write to explain just how much this club really means to me. No matter what happens in the final, I will forever be proud of getting where we have and the memories that have been made will last a lifetime. Bring on the final! – To Dare Is To Do!



– Samantha Ramm






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