Stellini says Conte’s return will have incredible impact

Cristian Stellini said when Antonio Conte returns to Tottenham “the impact will be incredible”.

Conte continues to recover from surgery to remove his gallbladder and his assistant Stellini believes the Italian will be back soon.

He said: “We don’t know yet but my feeling is he is very close to coming back.

“We speak a lot. If we compare when Antonio had the surgery three weeks ago, now he is completely different. Now he is completely involved.

“We transferred to him our feeling, the sensation we have on the players. He can watch training so the energy is coming again 100%. He is back and involved in every situation, every decision.

“We are looking forward to having him back. If you want with every part of your body something, the energy is completely at the top. When he will be back the impact of Antonio will be incredible.

“I feel his energy, we have a call three times a day, also in the evening. I feel Antonio like he is here.”

(BBC Sport)

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