Why Tottenham Hotspur will have a slight badge change for next season

There will be a slight change to Tottenham Hotspur’s badge next season when their new Nike kits are unveiled this summer.

Spurs will release the second batch of kits from the deal they signed with Nike last year to replace their previous Under Armour contract.

While the new shirts to be worn by Harry Kane, Dele Alli & Co are expected to be a similar style to those being worn at this summer’s World Cup by those teams clothed by Nike, there will be one subtle change to the club crest on the Spurs shirts.

The reason is that last year’s kits bore the crest sitting inside a shield. The reason for that was two-fold, firstly because it was a nod back to the shirt of the 1960-61 double-winning Spurs team under Bill Nicholson, but also because the shield was meant to protect the club’s crest during its season away from Tottenham, as the club played their home matches across the capital at Wembley.

However, with Spurs returning to their new £850m stadium in Tottenham for next season’s Premier League campaign, the shield will no longer be needed around the crest. The club confirmed it would be used for one season only.

The fans will find out this summer exactly what the new kits look like, with a few ‘leaked’ images already popping up around the internet claiming to be the new designs.


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