SN Blog 40 – My last one

So, this is my last weekly blog on all things Tottenham Hotspur.  The blog here for Spurs News will continue as other people are going to step up however right now I am stepping away as need to focus on other parts of the growing Spurs News empire.  Just in case you are not aware we have launched a weekly podcast this year which has been a lot of fun for me and the whole team and we are seeing more and more listeners every week so if you are listening thank you – if you have not tried it yet please do give us a try.

Now the self indulgent start to this blog is out of the way; this week I would like to focus not on one topic but various things.  I will try my best not to ramble on … honest.

Tottenham Ladies.

I am really delighted that we as a page have included Spurs ladies team into our coverage for the 2018/19 season.  We already covered the academy teams with profiles of young players being raised partly because of the light we have shined on them but now we have the chance to watch and hopefully introduce more fans to the ladies game.

Much like with academy football, it is not for everyone.  That is fine but for those with an interest here on this website you will see a new section on Spurs ladies and we will be adding content there weekly as well as there being a feature on the podcast where I hope we will get at least one of the ladies on to talk to us.

The new stadium.

We are both living in and enduring a very exciting time in the history of our football club.  Recently it was 136 years since our formation and it dawned on me that in 50 years, 75…100 it is quite possible the club will be playing in this new stadium.  The one we are seeing built.  The one we are getting to go inside for the first time etc.  In the future no one will care about the delays and the contractor issues when they look back.

Short term pain for long term gain.  An expression never truer than with this right now.  Its easy to lose sight of the exciting time this is and so I felt perhaps worthy of a reminder.

Mauricio Pochettino.

Our current manager when he arrived was not my first choice.  I was a fan who wanted a big name to come in and take us to the next level.  We were a Europa League team at best really and we needed to go up a level.  I was bitterly disappointed when we hired him and felt he would be another name on the merry go round that is Premier League football managers but I read a blog, from a fellow fan, at the time who painted a very different picture.

He pointed out how he transformed Southampton by not just making the team play well but by changing the culture when it came to fitness, nutrition and tactics in the game.  He brought that to Spurs and I remember he said he and his team would like to make the fans proud of the team again.  For me.  He has done that.

I was so disconnected with the team.  I looked at it felt like it was no longer my Tottenham.  A group of mercenaries filling the squad who were more interested in their pay cheque than actually playing and winning for us.

However it has all changed and now I feel like this is my team, my club and I really do enjoy watching us play (there are the odd games I don’t obviously) so I am trying not to over think the future and just enjoy the now.  I hope others are too.

Harry Kane.

Due to my interest in the academy set up, which is long standing, I got to watch a young Harry Kane in our development teams over a few seasons.  He was a hard working player but as much as I would love to say I saw his rise I did not.  I felt his destiny was going to be the same as a player I once raved about in our academy called Lee Barnard (look him up kids) and I was proven so wrong and have never been happier for it.

He is a nice young man.  A family man committed to his school sweet heart and now with two children.  He is now also one of the most prolific strikers in world football winning the Premier League golden boot twice and the World Cup golden boot in 2018. He is the England captain.  He is Harry of the Spurs and I am truly loving watching every minute of his career with us.

Much like with our manager, do not fret over what the future might hold but enjoy the now.  Enjoy this.  This is a once in a lifetime player.

Final thoughts…

I have really enjoyed sharing my thoughts on various subjects with fellow Spurs fans over the last year or so and I have always greatly appreciated fellow fan comments even when they were calling me an idiot (thanks Mum).  I hope once again I have given people a different perspective and something to think about.

-Admin SJ

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